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Newell Lions Club

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Leonard Jarrett Awards

Lion David Atkinson
Lion Gerald Jividen
Lion Jody Smith 
Lion Amy Johnston
Lion Chris Johnston
Lion Deloris Wilson
Lion Floyd Wilson

Leonard Jarrett Progressive

Lion David Atkinson

Melvin Jones

Lion Russell Loar
Lion Richard Pope

Permament Endowellment

Lion David Anderson,Lion Kathy Anderson, Lion David Atkinson, Lion Vicki Barton, Lion Gene Bowie,Lion Eleanor Bowie, Lion Vicki Brown, Lion Leonard Copestick, LionDavid Ice, Lion Mark Eckleberry, Lion Ed Fahnert, Lion Joanne Fahnert, Lion Richard Kreider, Lion Kit Kuiken, Lion Randy Kuiken, Lion George Kource, Lion Sharon Kource, Lion Jim Manypenny, Lion Willard Miller, Lion Doria Mast, Lion Richard Pope, Lion Mary Robinson, Lion Jody Smith, Lion Larry Smith, Lion J.J. Thompson, Lion James Trojak, Lion Deloris Wilson, Lion Floyd Wilson.

Best Diabetes Awareness Program 2002

International Certificate
sign by the International President